Do Expertship Initiatives Work?
Summary: What evidence is there that helping experts develop broader skills works? Here, three organizations share their success stories and plenty of experts who have successfully accelerated their careers have a say too.
Written by Darin Fox 29 Jun 2022

Expertship Success Stories

The answer to the question “do Expertship initiatives work?” is a resounding, yes.

Many leading organizations around the world are spending greater resources on building broader capabilities in their experts because subject matter experts are increasingly making a difference to competitive and community advantage.

Three client stories:

How Aon supercharged its consultants and technical experts by transforming how it evaluated employee potential

How Expertship helped global healthcare provider GenesisCare drive an innovative new strategic approach to health care. and an earlier story from the same company Case study: How Rachael Grant of GenesisCare made her technical specialists more effective

Case Study: Cenitex Expertship Journey

What the expert participants have to say:

Short comments: Subject matter experts review our programs: “Life-changing”

Longer comments: Six Expertship case studies

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